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We offer Venezuelan traditional fast food (see our menu), and we specialize in Tequeños both retail and wholesale. Tequeños are the best snacks for your parties!!!

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A tequeño is prepared with a type of bread dough and queso blanco (white cheese) in the middle.

It is formed into a breadstick and then usually fried. It is one of the most popular Venezuelan snack foods in parties!

Data records the existence of tequeños from the first decade of the nineteenth century created in the city of Caracas (the capital of Venezuela).

It is believed that the name originated in the neighboring city of “Los Teques” a town near Caracas (at that time and long after, Los Teques was part of the city of Caracas) were many wealthy families spent long periods during the holidays.

Believed to have been created in the kitchen of one of these wealthy families, where they ate well and varied.

Given to the presence of hand-made pasta, a luxury that indicated well-off families, cooks used the remaining dough to create and filled it with cheese.

The name, Tequeño, could also be a tribute to a cook original from that town, called tequeño/tequeña (meaning a native person from Los Teques) that would have made them for the first time.

The Tequeño originally was used to eat on a plate.

Sometimes sprinkled with sugar and also as something to nibble, although some families served tequeños as an appetizer on the table, apart from the main course.

Later tequeños became just appetizers and present in all the celebrations in Venezuela, and now to be a guest of the entire world’s table.